In our beauty salon you can be pampered with one or more of the many treatments which we offer.

From our wide selection you choose whichever combination you want. Face, body, hands or feet, nice and long or a little more compact, a single treatment or a full pampering package, the choice is yours!

Facial treatments

Cenzaa Quick – 30 minutes € 39,50
Fragrance journey, welcoming ritual, cleansing, exfoliation , mask, day/night care

Cenzaa Impressions – 60 minutes € 59,50
Fragrance journey, welcoming ritual, double cleansing, exfoliation, various serums, face-, neck and décolleté shiatsu massage, nurturing mask, day/night caring ending with a delicious cup of Cenzaa tea.

Cenzaa Moments – 90 minutes € 74,50
The ultimate Cenzaa treatment
Fragrance journey, eyebrow plucking, welcoming ritual, double cleansing, exfoliation, removal of impurities, circulation mask, various serums, scalp- or hand massage, face-, neck and décolleté shiatsu massage, nurturing mask, Lomi Lomi arm massage, day/night caring ending with a delicious cup of Cenzaa tea.

Cenzaa Energy Bootcamp – 45 minutes € 54,50
Cleansing, exfoliation, Cenzaa connective tissue massage, botulin beauty therapy mask, day/night care

RYJVK Allure Treatment – 60 minutes € 64,50
Cleansing, eyebrow plucking, deep cleansing, cryo oil massage, eye-, face mask, day/night care

Would you like to upgrade your facial treatment with any of the below mentioned?
Please indicate this when making your reservation.

Lash lift, including eyelash tinting  € 49,50
Tinting eyelashes OR eyebrows € 12,50
Tinting eyelashes AND eyebrows € 22,50
Epilation €15,00
Brow treatment (waxing, epilation, tinting) € 24,50
Waxing upper lip or chin € 8,50
Make-up € 27,50
Waxing lower legs € 29,50
Waxing lower and upper legs € 45,00


Algae wrap € 47,50
Detoxifying effect

Karwendel wrap € 47,50
Stimulates the circulation of blood and has a relaxing effect on the muscles

Oil wrap € 47,50
Nourishing for dry skin

Cocoa wrap  € 47,50
Firming for the skin


Back, neck and shoulder massage – 25 minutes € 29,50

Body massage – 50 minutes € 52,50

Hot-stone massage – 50 minutes € 52,50

Extensive hot-stone massage – 90 minutes € 82,50

Ayurveda oil massage – 90 minutes € 82,50

Hawaiian Feelings – 50 minutes € 57,50
In Hawaii there are ceremonial traditions which will make you feel as if you are on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Because of the use of warm herbal oils during the silky smooth lommi lommi massage you will travel to this exotic place.

Himalayan Feelings – 50 minutes € 57,50
Close your eyes and travel to the Himalayas where your energy can flow freely and the balance between body and mind will be restored. Your skin will be massaged and your muscles warmed by salt bundles.

Siwa Feelings – 50 minutes € 57,50
During the Cenzaa Siwa Feelings special ceremonies and traditional ingredients will take you to the dreamy destination of  Egypt. The unique fragrance compositions and special herbal wrapping will let you float to oriental oases!

Jaipur Feelings – 50 minutes € 57,50
Jaipur Feelings is inspired by the ancient Indian health science Ayurveda. Sparkling gemstones, Ayurvedic body massage and beneficial herbal oils help to release all tensions and restore the balance between body and mind.

Scalp massage – 15 minutes € 17,50

Body scrub - € 29,50
Your skin will feel amazingly soft after a scrub

Hand and foot care

Let your hands and feet be nourished by the products of O.P.I.

Hand care
Manicure (excluding varnish) - € 32,50

Varnishing your nails together with a manicure - € 7,50

Nail varnish - € 12,50

Paraffin hand wrapping - € 21,50

GelColour including manicure - € 39,50

GelColour including manicure and removal of GelColour - € 47,50

Feet care

Pedicure (excluding varnish) - € 32,50

Varnishing your nails together with a pedicure - € 7,50

Varnishing your nails only - € 12,50

Foot massage - € 17,50

Foot massage with a paraffin  wrapping - € 30,00