Pouring ritual

Every Wednesday evening at 20.45 you can enjoy a pouring in our panorama sauna.

A pouring is a sauna ritual in which a combination of water and scented essential oils are poured on the hot sauna stove. The mixture of water and oils will evaporate, causing the humidity to increase. You will sense a warmer temperature but in reality the temperature drops. The steam will be scattered with a cloth through the sauna, this will allow the scents of the oil to come to its full potential.

The steam will make it appear warmer than it actually is. When you are seated on a higher bench, the steam will surround you like a warm blanket. This is one of the reasons to start on a lower bench as a beginner. As this will allow you to slowly get used to the sensation and if it gets too hot you can easily walk outside.

A sauna master often has his or her own personal cloth. He or she will stand in front of you and fan with his or her towel in your direction.  The flow of air will break the layer of the insulating air around your body, which makes it seem warmer. This even sometimes leads to a feeling of goose bumps, something enthusiasts consider to be a sign of a successful pouring.

The total ritual consists of several rounds within which the sauna master pours water on the stove and scatters with the cloth. It can be very basic, but it may also be supplemented with music, light, a story, distinctive scents, special clothing, ice or ointments like honey etc.
At the end a drink or some fruits are often served.

Note: wearing bathing suits is allowed during the pouring ritual.