Group activities

Our Acitvity Club organises (group) activities with a sports theme. These activities can function as the foundation of your company or family gathering during your stay at Boshotel Vlodrop,  Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroeck or even as a guest of Vita Allegra Wellness. Many of the activities which are organised by our Activity Club give you the opportunity to enjoy a good combination of exercise and relaxation as a group. Below you will find further explanation of all our supervised group activities.


Our Bootcamp is a muscle strengthening workout in a team with our professional supervision. Strength, endurance, but especially FUN are central to the bootcamp.
Because of the team spirit you will train more intensely than when you train by yourself, this will uplift the efficiency of your workout significantly.


Spinning is an intensive indoor cycling sport. It is also called indoor cycling. Our ICG bicycles ensure an optimal work out with lots of fun. This activity is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience.

Aquajogging or AquaHiT

Aqua gym is a work out in the water. Because water offers resistance, lots of exercises are possible. Aqua jogging is also suitable if you have physical complaints. The uplifting force which forms in the water makes you almost weightless which is why muscles and joints will be less stressed.
Aquajogging is suitable for everybody!


This class is all about the major muscle groups: Buik (stomach) Billen (buttocks) and Benen (legs)

Different forms of movement are used, such as muscle strengthening exercises with weights, low-impact exercises and cardio exercises. These classes are friendly for your back and do not require a lot of coordination.  In these classes you use your own body weight, light dumbbells and tubings (jump-rope like elastics).  Beginners and those with more experience can follow these classes together, the instructors will adjust the series to everybody’s level.


Boxing is a tactical fighting sport within which the coordination of feet, eyes and hands and physical condition are central. This activity is conducted by our own boxing teacher. Athletes of all levels can participate in this class.


In our yoga classes you are doing your physical exercises and yoga poses in a pleasant and relaxing way. Muscles and joints become more flexible. You will get more energy and better body posture. Your breathing will become deeper. It gives you more inner peace and a bigger self-esteem. This activity is suitable for everybody.


Archery is a sport in which arrows are shot with a bow to a target. In the past the bow was a weapon meant for hunting and warfare, but nowadays archery is especially a concentration sport. Archery always takes place outside and can therefore only take place when the weather is suitable.


Mountainbike trail

Mountainbiking is a sport where you cycle with a mountainbike through the rough terrain of De Meinweg. De Meinweg consists of a unique terrace-environment. Across the terraces two stream valleys originated; the valley of “de Boschbeek” and “de Rode Beek” between these streams and stream valleys you will find silent fens and stretched forest and heathlands.


GPS Bicycle or hiking route

We have put out several scavenger hunts, where you will pass the most beautiful spots  on foot or by bicycle. We have very deliberately chosen special locations for a GPS scavenger hunt. This way you can enjoy an adventure in a natural environment. It is not necessary to have experience with a GPS device; you will be given clear instructions. If you have never walked with a GPS device this is a nice opportunity to get your first experience and learn several functions of the device.

All our activities are only on request and have to be reserved in advance